Visit us

Come and be a part of keeping these elephants in retirement.

Visitors help us keep these elephants happy in retirement.

Join us for the experience of a lifetime. Your support is a key piece of our ability to keep elephants living as they deserve. We have a number of ways that visitors can help the elephants, and the community.

Support The Village

Help the locals with farming projects and teach English to the wonderful kids at the school. Learn to weave the traditional karen cloth weaving or make baskets from bamboo and learn the language only the Karen people speak.

Village Life
Visitors are allocated a homestay in the village with a friendly host family. Karen people live in wooden/bamboo houses in the mountains. Accommodations are basic, but you will have a private room with a thin mattress on the floor with a mosquito net.
Village Life
The bathroom is a separate room outside usually with a squat toilet and cold bucket shower. However, some families will have a western toilet with a shower head. (You will be surprised how quickly even the fussiest of westerners can adapt.) The village has fairly reliable power and water, but we will occasionally lose access temporarily.
Village Life
Your host family will provide lunch and dinner, and you’ll eat breakfast with your fellow volunteers at the voli-house. Karen food is generally vegetable, rice, noodles, egg, occasional pork, chicken or fish. Vegetarians/vegan can be catered for. There are a couple of little shops in the village that sell drinks, snacks, and beer for purchase.

Join Us

This is really an incredible, life changing experience for everyone who comes to share in our passion for elephants.

Visit us

You can visit the project through our local partner IEV! 

This project is dedicated to creating a safe space for elephants nestled within a Karen hill tribe community. Our vision goes beyond simply providing sanctuary for these elephants; we aim to forge a sustainable model of community-based tourism that enriches the lives of both humans and elephants alike. Our initiative not only offers a haven for elephants in their twilight years but also fosters economic opportunities and cultural exchange within the community. Through immersive experiences, visitors can engage with the Karen way of life, participate in conservation efforts, and witness first-hand the bond between elephants and their caregivers. By choosing to support our project, you become part of a movement that prioritizes the well-being of elephants and empowers local communities. 

Join us on this journey towards a more sustainable and compassionate future for all. This journey is exclusively for guests seeking an ethical experience with elephants. You understand that the elephants’ needs come first and you wish to appreciate their presence without imposing upon them.

We adhere strictly to ethical guidelines; therefore, activities such as riding, bathing, feeding, touching, or posing with the elephants are strictly prohibited.

Our aim is to allow these elephants to thrive without coercion or exploitation for the pleasure of guests.

Due to increasing demand for quick visits, we have created a day trip experience, however, it is not for the faint-hearted due to the remote location/distance with lack of hours in the day!