Meet the elephants

These elephants are thriving in their new home!

Our Elephants

Elephants are highly intelligent animals with complex social structures and strong family bonds. Bua Chan and Sri Chan were in the same tourist camp for years, but were separated for three years when the pandemic shut down tourism. Their owners wanted a better life for these girls, and now they are back together, spending their days foraging in their natural habitat.

Bua Chan spent her life working in tourist camps prior to the pandemic, but her owners want a better life for her so they have allowed her to stay with us in the forest. She is very beautiful, rather round, curious, and she is very much her own woman. Her mahout Mr Pon has worked with her for 3 years before the pandemic and again now with us. Bua chan really hates chickens!

Bua Chan
Age: 36
Sri Chan has worked in the brutal logging industry and in many trekking camps through her life. She has a very special relationship with her mahout Thiwan. She has been in the family since before he was born, and he has been her mahout for the last 27 years, since he was 13! He thinks of her as his mother. She is very gentle and curious. In the morning she loves to sunbathe, or forage around the streams we have here in the forest. In the rainy season she LOVES the mud.

Sri Chan
Age: 55

Adopt an Elephant

By symbolically adopting, you enable us to support elephants in their natural forested habitat, contributing to their much deserved retirement.